Bernina Software 7

It’s Friday December 6 and I  am just outside of Chicago in Aurora, Illinois at Bernina USA at a Bernina Software 7 Infusion.  Debbi Lashbrook is the instructor with Kay Hickman as her assistant.  This new Bernina Software is absolutely awesome.

Below is a screen shot of the screen while I was working on “stumpwork”.






Here are some features that I think are really cool:

PunchWork – this is so easy using to create in the software and then embroidery in the hoop using the punchwork tool.

StumpWork will allow you to create a truly 3 dimensional design using fine wire in your embroidery.

Trapunto – This raised satin feature creates depth in your embroidery.  It will stitch layers of satin stitching in varied widths to achieve a raised effect – this needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

CorelDraw® Essentials X6 Included – the software will integrate with the full version of Corel if you have it installed on your computer.

Color Wheel and Color Management lets you recolour your design using a colour wheel.

Software opens faster now

Auto fabric – this icon lets you select your fabric and the software will change the stitch count, underlay etc for the fabric you chose.

Mouse options can now be set by you.

Metric or Imperial measure are no longer a global setting – you can change right in the software – on the fly!

The stitch toolbar is on the bottom of the screen allowing easy access to fills and outlines.

The reference manuals now have information for mac computers.

Slow redraw will work in artistic view – YES!ChangeColour-Grouped

 Designs can be edited without ungrouping.







When we break apart there are now multiple levels — sentence — words – letters.

We can now type in one font and then go in and break apart and change individual letters.

3 Dimensional lettering is coming — will be a free download — 4 different alphabet – 2 for raised satin and 2 for puffy foam


When selecting patterns we can choose from true view or outline view.





The effects icons arEffectsIconse like toggle switches.  You click on one and it will remove or apply the effect.

There is a new tool called calligraphy.  It works on satin, raised satin, and blanket stitch.

It works like a calligraphy pen – you set the angle and draw as illustrated in the rectangle below.








I will be teaching a 2-day Immersion class in March for owners of Bernina Software 7.  Bring your computers for 2 full days of an intense work-out.  The Central Sewing Newsletter will be posted online by December 20.  Please check for dates and times.  …. Bev Shumilak

















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