The History of Central Sewing

It was 1962 and Burt Reich was looking for a sewing machine for his wife. After reviewing a few different models, the Reich’s went out and got a low-end machine complete with a nice cabinet that seemed to fill the need. However Mrs. Reich had no training on this machine and she struggled to sew on it for the following year. Realizing they had not done enough research before buying, the Reich’s knew that the next time they would rather have the option of being able to try a machine before buying it.

So, the Reich’s went looking for a better machine. A few stores provided different models of machines to them for in-home demonstration or in-home trial. They finally decided that the Elna Supermatic was the way to go. Mrs. Reich was able to go into theElnaSewingCenterfor lessons on her new machine and in a short time she was really enjoying sewing.

 That’s when Bert got on the sewing bandwagon and started selling Elna machines door to door. He made a success of it and soon had stores set up in Barrhead and Westlock. He had machines on display, however he still went out once each week to do sales calls and to service machines.

Demand for the sewing products and the quality of service increased to the extent that on May 15, 1984 Bert had the privilege of starting a sewing machine sales display in the Fabricland store in West Edmonton Mall. After some deliberations and discussions with his son Randy, they decided to open a Sewing Centre named “Central Sewing Machines” in the Fabricland store. On October 15 of that year they opened a second sales location at the south side Fabricland store.

In their first year Central Sewing Machines was selling more Elna and White sewing machines than any dealer inCanada. They were presented with the “Top Elna Sales dealer of the year” award by Elna-White sewing machines. Central Sewing Machines kept that number one spot for many years.

After their lease ran out with Fabricland, Bert and Randy opened their current south side store location at 8649 – 63 Avenue inEdmonton. They also opened a second store at 156 Street and 95 Avenue which has since moved to the current west end location at 10642-170 Street.

In 1989 Randy Reich and his wife Mona took over the business and Bert became the helper.

Today Central Sewing Machines is one of the largest sewing machine stores inCanada. They want to sell you the machine that will do what “you want it to do”. Every customer has their specific needs in mind and wants a machine that will meet those needs. The highly trained staff at Central Sewing Machines are there to help you find the perfect fit for you.


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